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Our plants at The Monarch Collective

Did you grab a cutting with one of our propagation tubes at The Monarch Collective? And hopefully a beautiful piece of jewelry to go with your new plant baby? Because have you seen the incredible work these ladies put out? I just can’t even, it's AMAZING. I wanted to create a place for you to learn all about the plant you purchased and the care they require to help you grow your babe big and strong! And after you root your cutting in water, head over here to learn how to move your rooted cutting from water to soil.


Philodendron Micans

These philodendrons are known for their heart shaped, velvety leaves that produce a bronzy forest green color that give us all the heart eyes. Its real name is Philodendron hederaceum var. hederaceum…Do not ask us to pronounce that though. Haha You can propagate them easily in both water or soil and these guys are fast growers in the right environment!

These plants thrive in bright, indirect light. Remember, in their natural habitat they grow up trees so try to mimic that. Though, they will tolerate low light if needed, they just won’t grow as fast or as well. They enjoy to dry between watering but do like a good drink when they get one. Make sure your pot drains well so that the soil doesn’t stay soggy to avoid root rot.

Hoya Carnosa

Just like the Philodendron Micans, they guys are tree climbers in their natural habitat. So, mimicking their environment is key - Bright, indirect light. Hoya’s are finicky with water and it is better to under water them than overwater. Their roots are shallow so keep them root bound in smaller pots that drain well and when you do water, give her a GOOD water. Make sure you use a succulent/cactus soil mix when potting to ensure the drainage. Hoyas produce the most fragrant flowers that are so cool looking you almost don’t believe they are real. Once you get them on a watering schedule they love, they thrive.

They are easy to propagate in water or soil and we love the way they look in our propagation tubes. They are slow growers and the one we have at The Monarch Collective is 10+ years old and grown right here in Upcountry, Maui. So image, those leaves at the base are the plant are 10+ years old. Just like humans, their scars and beauty stay with them their entire lives.

Pothos N’Joy

The variegation on these leaves give us all the heart eyes. We are obsessed with this pothos. Pothos are actually really easy to care for. They don’t require a ton of care and tolerate erratic watering schedules. So, if you’re a busy babe and might forget to water your plants sometimes – these are the ones for you! Do NOT overwater this girl and make sure she’s completely dry between watering. Her pot should have good drainage and she thrives in bright indirect light. They are easy to propagate in both water and soil and their vining branches make them the perfect plant for our propagation tubes.

String of Bananas

One of the coolest succulents EVER. Plus, those long vining stems make them so perfect for hanging baskets. Care for this plant like you would a succulent – a coarse soil mix that drains well and a pot that also drains well. Let her dry in between watering and she’s pretty easy! Direct sun can cause some sunburn and like all succulents, it might turn a reddish color with too much of it. It will tolerate direct sun but we like to grow her by the sunniest window in our home to keep her leaves a nice green and avoid any sunburn which turns into scarring. You can propagate these in water or soil and care is fairly easy!

We love to talk plants so feel free to message us if you have any questions or concerns!


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