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Chuurri Board

Chuurri Board

I've been hanging on to this slab of maple that I purchased from Europe for years...until recently...


A couple of years ago, I came across this beautiful piece of maple that I could not walk away from. I didn't have a clue what I was going to create with it or what its purpose was for but I knew that it had to be mine. I loved everything about - its shape, the dimension, the color and even its flaws. I've been staring at it for years and recently, I knew it needed to be a charcuterie board. Because I found so much beauty in wood as I purchased it, I couldn't cut it down or destroy its shape - I needed to preserve it in exactly the way I fell in love with it. I'm sure there are alot of woodworkers who would disagree and see more value in it in pieces but that's why I am artist and not a woodwoker.


So, I created my own epoxy mold around the piece of wood so that I could preserve everything that I loved about it. So that I could create something that could be enjoyed in the beauty I found in it when I knew that it had to be mine. 


This piece holds a special place in my heart and was made with so much love and aloha. I do hope that it finds a home with someone who feels the same about it. 


It sits on brass legs and is made from solid maple and epoxy. Handmade by me. 



21" L

16" W

2" H




I am a female wood artist who creates functional art pieces. Any piece I create can be turned in to a table top, a wall hanging, a headboard or even a barndoor if you wanted! I sell them as tables, but I want you to know that they can be so much more. Creativity is what brought me here and I hope you find creative ways to also find functionality in my work. My favorite thing about our pieces is how diverse they are. If in two years after purchase you decide to restyle your dining area and want a new look, you can simply remove the legs of the table and use it as a wall piece or headboard. 


What makes my art functional? The epoxy overlay I use gives every piece a smooth, protected, glass like finish that preserves your art for years. What makes epoxy so great? The epoxy overlay does a few things I love. It creates a beautiful, perfect finish on the table that is extremely durable and easy to clean. Often times with wood tables, food and grime gets in the cracks and leaves an unsanitary environment that is hard to clean without damaging the wood but having the epoxy finish eliminates that. It is also easy to have someone local come refinish your epoxy down the road to have your table looking brand new again. This table can last you a lifetime.


You can either choose to buy a piece with or without legs. I do not manufacture legs but if you do choose to purchase legs through me, I will have the manufacturer ship you the legs and I will pre-drill for them so that they can be put on and removed with a simple screwdriver. But if you’re handy and want to search out the perfect table leg style to fit your home, you must not use screws longer than 3/4th” long. If you use a screw any longer, there is a chance you could penetrate through the wood design and it will show in the epoxy top. I cannot be help responsible if this occurs.


If you don’t see your size listed, please reach out for a custom size. I am more than happy to create something that fits your home.


Please read all of my shipping information prior to purchase as I will not be held liable for shipping times and/or delays once the item is in route :
These pieces are made to order which means that I  will not start on your piece until you have placed an order. It will take me 3-6 weeks to have your table built and shipped out but I do hope and aim to have it to you sooner. Shipping time can vary due to your location. Please read my shipping policy listed above.

**Please note that different sizes will produce a different look. I do stay true to the pattern and design but based on dimensions, it could possibly not be exact as to what is shown above. I do try to make each piece as unique as possible, while staying true to the design, so that everyone feels like they are receiving a one of a kind piece. It is my motto that while I do create tables, I really am creating art. I am not a furniture maker, I am an artists and will always stay true to that. My tables are made for lovers of art and unique pieces.


** I am currently working out of Arizona as my family and I are spending time adventuring the mainland. As of now, your table will be built and shipped from Arizona until we are back on our beloved Maui. 


Follow me on IG and watch me in action! I document each of my builds on IG to keep my customers involved in the process and updated on where I am at on their build - AND it's a ton of fun to watch them being made.





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