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We do not accept returns on any of our items. Each piece is made by hand and many hours go in to our creations. We are a small, family business. If your items arrives broken, damaged or not at all -  we will rectify the issue and work with our customers to find a solution. In the event that this happens, please reach out to us and let us know as soon as you receive the damaged item - within 24 hours of delivery. Please take photos of the damage and send with the email informing us so that we have those photos within 24 hours after receiving your item. Every item is insured and in order to process the claim, we will need this information. If the claim is denied  because proper documentation and procedure was not followed in these instructions, we are not responsible for the damaged item.


Your Order

Every piece is hand made, What does this mean? It means that no two items will be 100% alike. Wood grains vary, tones due to color variations in the wood will vary. We do not produce our products from a machine and we embrace every difference as uniqueness and art. We do stay true to design and the colors represented but ask that you keep in mind that everything is hand made when purchasing. Additionally, the photos used for marketing purposed have been edited and brightened. This could/will cause tonal variations in the actual product received compared to our marketing photos.

Please note that for tables, different sizes will produce a different look. We stay true to the pattern and design but based on dimensions, it could possibly not be exact as to what is seen in the photos. We do try to make each piece as unique as possibly, while staying true to the design, so that everyone feels like they are receiving a one of a kind piece. It is our motto that while we do create tables, we really create art. We are not furniture makers, we are artists and will always stay true to that. Our tables are made for lovers of art and unique pieces.

Build Time

Lauren will confirm actual build time with every purchase but it generally takes 4-6 weeks to build a table and prepare it for shipping. We do aim to have it done sooner but in the event that it takes longer, there will be written consent from the customer.

Product Care

We are not responsible for how you handle your piece once it is received. If you receive your product damaged, you must send photos of the damage in the first 4 days after you have received your item. Please follow product care. Epoxy will yellow with extreme heat or direct sunlight. If you choose to store your piece in an environment that can damage the integrity of the product, we are not responsible. If you choose to drill into the bottom of the table, we are not responsible. If you choose to use an abrasive cleaning pad, we are not responsible. Please follow care instructions.


You may cancel your reservation up to 30 days prior to your trip.

There is no smoking outside of designated smoking areas on the property.

Quiet time is between 10pm - 8am.

There is no lifeguard at the pool so please make sure you're safe.

For pets, you must pickup ALL dog droppings outside and dispose of it properly. 

No parties or events. 

Do not water the plants in the unit, even if they look dry. If your stay is longer than 12 days,

you must allow the owners a 30min access window to water the plants. 

Check in is at 4pm. Check out is at 11am. 

You will receive the electronic keypad code prior to your arrival via email. We change this code for every new guest. 

We are following all sanitization practices to make sure we are keeping our guests safe during this time. Every piece of linen, towel, blanket and even pillows are being cleaned and sanitized in-between guests.

Renters insurance helps protect both our guests and the owners in the event of any accident or incident. 

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