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We cannot be held responsible for shipping delays or damage as we have zero control over this. Though, we do everything in our power to protect your creation and rectify it if something does occur during the process. Every item is packaged with care and all large pieces are crated and packed with hard foam to protect your piece. Every package is insured to the full dollar amount to protect both you and us from a potential negative shipping experience. If your package is damaged or lost, we will either issue you a refund or remake your item for you - the choice is fully yours.

Once a piece has been packaged, we then ship it out using UPS, 2-7 day shipping. If your piece is larger than 104 TOTAL inches (for example 58” x 46”), it must be shipped via freight due to the size of the package. We ship freight 5-7 days. If your package is going over seas, it could take 1-3 months for your package to arrive. Please make sure you read the freight shipping information below. 


As much as we want to be involved in the customer service side of shipping, we are a small husband and wife team that do not have the capacity to be as involved as we would like to– though, we really hope someday we will be able to! We are hoping we’ve put together enough information to guide you through the freight shipping journey, because it was also a learning experience for us when we started out.


Freight shipping means that it is not being shipped via a standard carrier such as

UPS or FedEx. Your table is too large for these guys to handle.  Please ONLY reach out if your table is lost or they are unable to provide you with a location on your package. 

We hope all of this information helps and we cannot wait for you to receive your creation! Please don’t hesitate to email us if you need help or have any questions!

xo, Lauren + Matt

The hands behind Little House on Maui

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