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My name is Lauren and I'm the hands behind Little House on Maui. 

Little House on Maui was named after my little house on Maui that my husband and I purchased in 2017. The house was a complete remodel done with our own two hands and where I discovered my passion for creating. It only seemed fitting to name my business after the little house that brought me this love.

Every piece I've created has been with an intentional purpose to use in my own home. Interior design has always resonated deeply with me and being able to design and create for other people's homes has been a dream come true. Every piece I create, I create with aloha and love and a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to be able to live out my dream.

My husband, Matt, has taught me everything I know and to this day continues to support and encourage everything I do. We are raising a daughter and nothing makes us more proud than knowing that everyday we are showing her that she can do and be anything she wants to be in this world - even if that's running a commercial table saw.


 While Little House on Maui did start out of our little house on Maui, we're currently out adventuring the mainland for a bit and working from a base shop in Arizona. We're dreaming of the day we head back to Maui but soaking in all the joy of exploring before our daughter starts school. 

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