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We’re so excited for you to unbox and hang your new piece of wall art! If your piece is made with dye -to keep the colors vibrant, we do not rinse the dye after applying. This may cause you to get some on your hands when handling the dyed fiber pieces. We’d recommend using gloves when handling.

We use an extremely thin cord with our pieces instead of a typical macrame cord. We designed our pieces this way to give more texture and what we think is a more modern look. Because of that, you’ll treat this differently than a standard macrame cord wall hanging. After you hang your wall piece, you will want to brush it. We just use a simple, plastic paddle brush (like you would for your hair) and it works beautifully. Once you get the fibers brushed out, you’ll then want to work on getting them to lay flat. To do this, brush down and place your hand flat against the fibers to the wall to hold them into place.

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