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   Epoxy is an extremely durable medium to finish with and we stand behind it as our go to. While it stands up better than any other products we have tried, it still isn’t bullet proof. Please don’t use an abrasive cleaning pad or sponge on the table to prevent scratches or dulling of the surface. We recommend using a microfiber towel to keep it as scratch free as possible. We use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to clean the table. Do not place anything heated directly onto the table to protect the finish. One thing that epoxy does not bode well with is extreme heat. Do not put your piece in direct sunlight or in a space that extremely hot as it can cause the table to yellow.

You may polish the sides with any type of wax to make them shiny again.

Lastly, we ship the table with a ‘bendy cure’, not 100% hardened. This could mean that if you set a cup on your table, it might leave an indentation. This is only temporary. The table will continue to cure and fully harden over the next 30 days and it will stop leaving indentations. Also, the indentations left during the last of the curing process will pop out and return to normal, like memory foam; soon after the cup is lifted. If you would like to pop out the indents faster, you may use a blow dryer on gentle heat to speed this up. Please do not rub the indents or try to force them out faster, this will cause permanent damage to the finish. We do this to prevent cracking during shipping, Epoxy is extremely hard and glass like when it fully hardens and we’ve found this method to cause less shipping damage to the table. Again, the indents aren’t permanent and will eventually go away all together when setting something on the table as it continues to cure.

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