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Wall Propagation Set

Wall Propagation Set

Propagate your plants in style /


These wall tubes are the perfect way to style your walls while adding some green. We love the simplicity of the design and the size of the tube which gives us room to fit multiple cuttings and cuttings as large as a Fiddle Leaf, if we wanted!


The tube is held onto the wood base with a strong magnetic hold. The base has a magnet recessed in the center and the tube has a magnet to hold it to the base. This allows you to easily remove the tube from the wall to clean and refill your water or change out your cuttings. The magnets are glued using epoxy which is as strong as cement! These propagation tubes are hand cut and made by Lauren, the hands behind Little House on Maui. The base is made out of solid wood, not pressed/fake wood. 


The base can either be attached to your wall using a screw through the center of the base of using double sided tape. We provide hardware with your purchase 


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**Since these are handmade using real wood, the grain pattern will vary but I try to stay true to the grain pattern shown the best I can.


**This order is for one propagation tube + mount


Wood diameter: 4"
Tube: 8" length

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