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How to keep your indoor plant babies thriving and growing in Arizona's dry heat

For the love of plants…

When I first moved from Maui to Arizona, I really struggled with the 'how-to' of keeping my plants thriving in this Arizona heat + dryness. I never had issues with humidity on Maui – for obvious reasons…like it being a tropical paradise and all. But I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it and I’m pretty stoked about it. Tips and tricks? I got you! Here’s how I helped my plant babies thrive in this dry heat.


I was able to go waaayyy longer in between waterings when I was on Maui vs Arizona. The heat here seems to soak up every drop of moisture in this state. The downfall to having to water more?...if your pots don't have the proper drainage then the water will hide at the bottom of your soil and that soggy soil rots those roots. The top can seem bone dry but hiding under the massive top layer is wet soil. It can confuse you on when to water your plants because they appear dry. I like to buy pretty pots and keep my plants in their grow container set inside the pretty pot. It's a win/win. No root rot and you still have an aesthetically pleasing plant babe on your shelf.


You heard me, spray those babies down.....but gently. haha

You can use a bath tub, take them on the patio (shaded) or a kitchen sink. I prefer to do mine out on my shaded patio because the water dries faster. You definitely don't want water sitting on your attracts bugs, mold, fungus, etc. If you choose to use your patio, DO NOT leave them out in the heat too long. They will fry. Make sure you're not too distracted when doing this and bring them in right when they appear to have dried off. Giving your plants a bath allows them to absorb moisture in through their stems and leaves - it's like refreshing to them. Kind of like when we take a bath. It also helps to rinse of dust or any spider mites, etc.

It keeps them healthier. I do this about once a month.


Don't mist your plants....just invest in a humidifier off of Amazon and keep their air full of moisture. They love it, they will thrive in it. DO IT.


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